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Clarence Carner, Jr.

What Makes Me What I Am

Who Am I

St. Peter Claver Catholic School, 5 years old ...

A most exciting and learning experience, learning to read using the charcters of Dick, Jane and Tim the cuddly teddy bear. Not to mention Spot the dog.

L. H. Williams Elementary,

my first emementary school. My teacher was Ms. Thomas a stout light skinned woman. Ms. George was my second grade teacher, and where my reading skills started to really develop.

B. S. Ingran Elementary

My third grade teacher, Ms. E. J. Frambro had an enormous impact towards my education. Ms. Frambro was an excellent pianist and would often teach us songs that enabled learning.

Ballard-Hudson High School

What an experience! Starting with the 8th grade homeroom teacher, Juanita Kirkpatrick. If you didn't study and could not answer the question she asked, she would yell "F 0!"
Ms. Aquilla J. Thompson was my 9th grade homeroom teacher. Another great musician who played the piano and pipe organ. "War March of The Priest" was my favorite played by her on the organ.
She was a founding member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Pi Omega Chapter.
Ms. Johnny Champen, my sophomore homeroom teacher. Ms. Champen ushered in a new era of communication to her students. She would refer to us as Mister and Miss.

Ms. A. D. Robinson was my homeroom teacher during my junior year. She taught english, was calm and cast an excellent persona.
Mr. P. B. Brunson was my homeroom teaher during my senior year. He was an exellent history/economics instructor and was highly regarded in all areas.

I would be remised if I didn't mention my band director, Mr. R. L. Scott. He was among my best heroes. I not only played in the marching band under his direction, but the concert band as well. I watched him play his trumpet at a few night clubs in the city of Macon.



A bit about Clarence Carner, Jr.

Information Technology Consultant with major interest in Information Systems or related employment with background in Financial Accounting, Transportation, and Human Resource Management.


2017 - Present
Adjunct Professor  – Information Technology

  • Virginia College – Macon, Georgia

2010 – 2017
Information Technology Consultant

  • IT Consultant for Village Square Apartments – Barnesville, GA
  • IT Consultant for American Wizard Janitorial, Inc.
  • Software Applications Instructor for Manna of Hoper Resource Center
  • Configure and Develop Networking Systems for clients
  • Website Developer for various clients

Chief, Business Operations Branch, Specialized Management Division, Robins AFB, Georgia

  • Established and implemented policy for the Computer, Financial Management, Transportation and Human Resource Branches
  • Implemented processes to meet mission goals
  • Assigned workload as required and reviews output for quality
  • Ensured funds were expended in accordance with financial public law
  • Implemented internal audits and recommendations
  • Insured information technology projects are implemented on schedule and without flaw
  • Constantly sought ways to automate manual processes
  • Performed analysis on all units to insure efficiency


Chief, Information Technology, Specialized Management Directorate, Robins AFB, Georgia

  • Established superior computer resource requirements procedures
  • Masterfully scheduled high volumes of critical work to a small staff and met critical deadlines
  • Provided excellent advice to management on all aspects of computer operations

Personal Computer Systems Manager, Specialized Management Directorate, Robins AFB, Georgia

  • Developed superior, comprehensive, “cradle-to-grave” policies

      And procedures for personal computer resources management  

  • Ensured all personal computer requirements were exceptionally well prepared and fully justified

Chief, Personnel Systems Management, Consolidated Base Personnel Office, Robins AFB, Georgia

  • Maintained liaison with Headquarters Air Force to resolve system problems and implement modifications
  • Acted as technical advisor on all matters pertaining to the management

     and analysis of computerized personnel data

Computer Operator/Analyst, Georgia Boeing, Inc., Macon, Georgia

  • Monitored the console for the Hewlett Packard System 3000
  • Ensured Material Resource Planning Programs ran correctly and distributed output products


1996 - Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Georgia

  • Master of  Science Logistics Management

1994 - Georgia College & State University, Milledgeville, Georgia

  • Bachelor of Science Business Administration

1994 - Macon State College, Macon, Georgia

  • Associate in Business Administration

1982 - Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri

  • Associate in Liberal Studies